Friday, September 16, 2011

ambil (hati), simpan, ambil, simpan, pijak! pijak! pijak!

One of the guys' cheers in UiTM Shah Alam hahaha. Veeery cute!

Kay. The part where it says, "Just cut it out of my chest and end this suffering." is a tiny wee bit tooooooooo emotional. But but, gahhhh. Benci la. I'm contemplating on whether or not to be plain frank with him.

Honesty is the best policy, Nissy.

For once, I'm gonna ignore what my conscience is telling me to do. I'm gonna put on a show in Guy Fawkes mask and make him believe what I want him to believe. Fuyoh. Sounds a bit mean, don't I? Nah. I don't lie my way to things. I like being downright honest with everyone (insyaAllah) since the aftermath is always good. It's sometimes difficult to be forthright and not give offense. Sure, he'll say he won't mind. But take me at a face value, he DOES mind. He will, eventually. 

Nissy! What is it with you and emoness!? Get a grip, woman! *virtually slaps self left and right repeatedly*

Okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay. Next entry will not be an emo one for I am a duchess full of pep *barfs* :B

Got loads to do before I head back to UiTM this Sunday.

Beli buku2 sekolah;
Tolong Mama buat open house for her colleagues this Sunday;
Pergi UiTM Shah Alam balik sebab ada KESATakguna;
Study Calculus and Thermodynamics lepas tu mhm. I fully doubt on this one. LOL.

For moi's small business :]

* Pergi buka bank account for A-Fookies ! and personal purpose;
* Cari barang untuk A-Fookies ! (special order from a Sarawakian!)

Oh and I gotta BAKE today! :D. Rinduuuu gila nak bake cookies. New flavour coming up insyaAllah! Hihi. And I CANNOT wait for A-Fookies !'s appointment with Real And Wholesome (RAW) Cafe's owner this Saturday! Oh oh, we're also scheduling for another appointment with the Upstairs Cafe's owner/representative as we speak! Looking for every bit of opportunity in life, we are :). Do not lose faith in us! We will STRIVE for success and overcome the obstacles of life for as long as the internet shuts down, insyaAllah.

We'll make an announcement on the name of the cookies once it has proven to be satisfactory so check out our blog every now and then, guys! <(^_^<)

P/s: Pssstttt! Try clicking at all three A-Fookies !'s links! They all lead to different sites ;)

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