Sunday, May 15, 2011

a day I was busy as hell, but great as :)

I can't remember much and might leave out some details here. And I might stray as I tell the story (I get easily distracted by the environment and the songs I play on my playlist), type in the most random and littlest things that'd make you go, "DUDE, scratch those unrelated cases and get to your main point man." . But hey, what's a blog for if you can't even express your thoughts, no matter how random and silly they may be, right? So forbear me a little peeps :)

*cracks my knuckles*

Alright. 20 seconds has passed. A minute, FIVE whole minutes =='' *din of the crickets then flew upon this thread*

Okay that is it. Since I cannot remember what's happened in the start, I'll just go with whatever I remember.

Got up pre late yesterday. I was supposed to get myself cleaned and ready before I send Mama to work at 8am (flexible) so Farah, Tira, Qila, Hani, Yona, Jibi and I would be able to beat it to Giant by 9am since we're gonna busy ourselves the day with the spaghetti, all-famous A-Fookies :P and oreo cheesecake nyummm :D. Nom nomz are good i tellsss yah XD. So anyway, sent Mama and reached home around 8.50am, got dressed immediately. Farah came with our "family car" (her dad's Hyundai Hangals) at 9.30am and we vamoosed from my place to Tira's and Giant afterwards. Here's a lil some2 fo yah :)

Besties <3

Farah macam a tumor dekat badan Jibi haha.

Nak terjatuh ni sebenarnya >_<

Roflmao! Priceless ;D

Lala and I :)

San Remo's advertisement ;)

Double peace yaw ;]

MAMEE: The one section where all students would normally go to.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! <<--- bunyi tengah bawa kereta :D

Tak tahu nak pilih baking powder yang mana...

Finally! The photographer, and the one who fancies being photographed :P


:( to the long queue man.

I do bite my lower lip a lot. Kan Yon? ;)

So yeah. Baking powder, baking soda, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, brown sugar yadayadayada and off we went home (my place). Apa lagi, terus start masak lah! :D. Terpaksa skip breakfast sbb nak brunch dengan spaghetti terus plus we didn't have much time to waste. Farah, Tira, Jibi, and Yon started off with preparing the ingredients. Green capsicum was nicely diced, bawang besar chopped, and did something with some other stuff I'm not quite familiar with. Me, on the other hand, had to drive Yon to her house (which is located like in a spitting distance je =_=) to get the mixer. Mine's broken :(. Hani and Qila stayed and helped me with the preparations of kitchen gears along with the ingredients needed.

Tira tengah potong... bawang besar?

Muka Tira haha. Shows how much she wanted to 'slit' Lala's throat >=P

Two sticks of salted butta :)

Semi-sweet chocolate chip!

Gula Perang (pronounced as 'pur-rung' by Qila hahaha)

Eggs for the cookie batter.

Baking soda.

Baking powder. Don't get confused now. They're different.

Sukaa dia dapat buat cookies ;)

Took about a couple of hours to get it all done. UH.

A-Fookies in the making? 

Spaghetti with sprinkles of Parmesan. Mmmm :D


Batter pun boleeeh.

First batch.

Second one.

I present you, the A-Fookies :p

P/s: I'm so sorry that I couldn't upload other photos. I'm just, err, not permitted to publish those photos. Heck, like it would make any difference. Actually it does, doesn't it? :|

As soon as we were done with the spaghetti and cookies, terus makan spaghetti lah :D. But it was already past 3pm and we were suuuuuuper famished. Tak breakfast and lunch lah katakan. Habis makan, heaps of thank you to Fatin Nur Athirah and Yona Sahira for doing the dishes yang berlambak2 tuh :DDD. Ilovesyous hehe <(^_^<). And no, bukan bila korang dah basuh pinggan baru aku nak cakap I love you :B. Later on, pergi tengok cerita hantu Thailand Coming Soon tu. Shit awal2 lagi dah ada scene takut2 wtfish. Dah la masa nak tekan butang pause dekat laptop pulak tu "dia" keluar ZZZZZZZ -_-! Jerit memang jerit lah eheh. Bla3, bawa oreo cheesecake and cookies dalam bilik and tengok la movie tu. Tengah2 cerita tu tiba2 video tu start dari mula balik. It seems that our deeeear dear dear Tira downloaded only half of it ==''. Lepas tuuu, Hani start jadikan Yon and Qila as models for her Shawl Attic business :). Habis tu, rasanya semua balik dah. I honestly cannnot remember what happened next so let's just end it here. I'm dying to go to bed now. InsyaAllah if something happens to cross my mind whenever, I'll edit this entry. Or not :P

And so, the day ended well and our tummies were stuffed quite well too hihi. For me, it wasn't the food that made my day. Nor the movie we watched. It was the whole idea of gathering and doing something that not many friends would actually do (I meant to say that friends usually go out to catch a movie or some sort instead of cooking), how we were able to sweat out togetherrr (okay, that didn't come out right :|), how we laughed at each other's silly flaws as we cook and bake, how Qila would deliberately steal the cookies :p, how Hani would crack up upon seeing the weird faces I made, how Tira would scream her lungs out like a silly little gal ;), how Jibi would carelessly handle things, as usual xP, how Farah would, well, monitor our every movement eheh, and how Yon would keep her phone by her side (ahem, "Siapa?" Yon? ;D). To put it briefly, all's well and ends well, alhamdulillah. Thank you for yesterday, everything else and thank you for the the type of company you've given me, Allah =). I am blessed.


Athirah Omar said...

first: i noticed you didn't put any pictures yang taknak publicize kan free-hair kan, aww :)

second: tipuuuu! first batch's cookies hitaaaaam!

third: tangkap gambar duluuu then baru tengok movie thailand tuuu

Izy Rahman said...

tak ajak

Joanhnisny said...

err... awak bukan tengah in deep shhh ke masa tu? cause of your d..?

Joanhnisny said...

holy krab tira your comment JUST appeared on my dashboard JUST now, which is 8 days later ZZZ. okay. lets get down to this.

firstly: yehh. i couldnt do that. dosa org tknk tanggung doh sbb tu banyak gambar kau dgn qila je :p

secondly: i meant to say the first batch y elok lah! kalau nak ikutkan third fourth batch pun hitam lagi hahaha.