Saturday, July 16, 2011


Brief entry this time.

July 3rd.

Penat habiskan masa berjam2 duk refresh page Maaduu dekat Facebook fanpage dia ugh. Buuut, it paid off alright (:

Contest dia, printscreen the page when the fan hits the 1,000,000 mark and email it to Maaduu ASAP together with your details. Prize? An exclusive Maaduu t-shirt! :D

MEMANG tak senang nak dapatkan 1,000,000 cause 5-6 people will like this EACH second.  Thank heavens for Unifi. 

So yesterday I got this from the Poslaju man.

Got a shirt, two congratulations postcard-like notes from Maaduu and some others. The wait was worth it hee. Not a big fan of Maaduu, TBH. Heck, I got the shirt and that's what matters? Lol kidding. Maaduu's awesome. Thanks for the shirt! (:


Anonymous said...

turning into a k-pop freak

Joanhnisny said...

wont say no to that. maybe.

Anonymous said...

so much for saying "i hate all those k-pop related".... the irony

Joanhnisny said...

the least you could do is to consider the plight i had of admitting "karma's hit me in the face" -_-

Anonymous said...

hahaha, serve you right. cakap tak serupa bikin ;)