Tuesday, June 28, 2011

little Harry James Potter.

Been a long long time since I last held a book and actually read it sentence by sentence, word by word. So I went to Shila's house to borrow this book *points at the photo in the above*. 38 pages in an hour. Okay apaaa. Tak lah lambat sangat baca kan? Although in one page tu, ada la 10-15 sentences yang kena baca twice or thrice zz. Biasa la kan baca buku2 macam ni. It's J. K. Rowling kot. The degree of her language skills is beyond my comprehension. I won't lie. Baca buku Harry Potter dengan Oxford Wordpower and The Concise Oxford Dictionary dekat sebelah. Iya lah. Dari baca tak faham (though I can get the gist of what Rowling's trying to convey in that sentence), baik buka kamus. Apa guna beli mahal2 kalau tak guna kan? (;
Honestly, I'd have several visits at the dictionary.com everyday. Ya, setiap hari. Sebab hari2 akan jumpa perkataan yang tak pernah tahu atau tak pernah dengar atau tak pernah kisah nak ambil tahu. So when the time comes, semua pun search dekat website tu. I even searched for "envelope" cause I wanna know how to exactly pronounce it. I am obsessed and in love with dictionaries and thesauruses. Adui la. Kena ejek dengan kakak like all the time for that :(. Tak apa la nak buka kamus 50 kali pun! >:/

So anyway, back to Potter. Kalau dalam buku, baca sejam baru dekat part Hagrid masuk rumah the Dursley (can't remember the name, tbh) whereas dalam movie part tu baru dekat first 20 minutes. And this is why I prefer watching movies than reading the book. I don't dig lovey dovey novels. I dig fairy tales, and any magic-related ones. Nak kata childish? Siapaaaaaaaa kata baca buku pasal fairies macam budak2 tak matang? Siapa kata? Sorry got carried away for a moment there. Dulu cuba baca Twilight tapi tak berjaya habiskan pun. Managed to set my eyes on 4 freakin' pages je. Sahaja =='' Lepas tu terus pulangkan buku tu dekat owner dia (whom I've forgotten, again). I have memorizing issues ya Allah. Susah betul kalau bab2 menghafal dengan mengingat ni. Moving on, kalau dapat habiskan the first series of Harry Potter ni, I'd gladly move to the second (provided Shila bagi pinjam la buku tu haha). But reading a book, and I mean a story book, not the education book book, is so much fun! I get to imagine and visualize things a lot. No wonder they say reading opens the mind. Good, good. Should've started reading years ago mhm. Better late than never though. Tapi Rowling, sorry, Enid Blyton remains at the top. She is JUST a better writer with better visions. Well hey, it's just an opinion. I meant no harm here. No hard feelings yeah Potter (or Rowling, for that matter) fans? All are amazing in their own ways (:

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