Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fencers, en garde!

En garde, eve pret, allez! 
(On guard, ready, charge!)

Okay. The translation tu main hentam je haha. Lebih kurang lah makna dia tu. x)

This is me fencing buddy, Nazurah. Budak *cough* medic ni. :B

That would be the Apek, fiercely piercing through Zac's chest. 'Chest'. :P

The blurred figure in this photo would be moi and Siraj was my opponent. Lifetime rival, he says (after his 5-4 defeat) hehehe. >D
Yeahp. Don't mesh with me. Haiyaaaaaargh!
I simply cannot wait for UiTM Majestics' next training sesh! But lama lagi lah. Next semester baru ada balik. TSK.

P/s: Click on the UiTM Majestics' ! Help us grow this awesome page yaw! :)

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