Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have You Ever?

1. Have you ever wanted a boyfriend/girlfriend at any random point of your life but not wanting to get attached or labeled taken?

2. Have you ever felt like wanting to be a playgirl/playboy just to know how it feels to be one?

3. Have you ever imagined how happy you would be if you get to get your crush to like you?

4. Have you ever sung a song with another person in synchronicity and felt that awkward yet pleasing buzzing connection you have between you and him?

5. Have you ever felt bad for treating one (or many) nicer than you should?

6. Have you ever felt you were used for the things you have, properties you own?

7. Have you ever tried friendzoning anyone before?

8. Or better yet, have you ever been friendzoned?

9. Have you ever smacked yourself in the head for being rude to an elderly person?

10. Have you ever been in denial?

11. Have you ever lie curled in your bed all day and ignored the SMSes and calls you get?

12. Have you ever felt the need to be left alone sometimes?

13. Have you ever wanted to be different so you'll recognize yourself to have finally own an 'identity'?

14. Have you ever felt like wanting to have nothing (except a lil bit of money to survive the days) and see who would still want to be your friend just for the sake of having a friendship with you?

15. Have you been in love but the love was not returned?

16. Have you been loved but could not return the love yourself?

17. Have you tried proving people wrong when they flail about at what you are doing or like to do?

18. Have you spent your money on people you shouldn't have?

19. Have you spent your time on people you shouldn't have?

20. Have you spent enough time with your loved ones?

P/s: Nothing personal, just speaking my mind and others'. 

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