Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Hobbit, Take 2.

Paradigm Mall is only 10 minutes away from my place but I've only set mah foot there just yesterday.
Psh, Nissy.

Sooo, went there with Nadia yesterday.
Went for good ol' Kenny Rogers Roasters and boy do they have the best mac and cheese or what.
I had to have 2 servings of it. *guilty pleasure* =>

Got meself and Nadia a nice cuppa bubble tea each at Ochado since she's never had one there before.
I love my Jasmine Green tea. :D
And then we snuck into the cinema with the pastries we bought from The Loaf hehe.
Gosh the cranberry cheese is darn good!

I wish Pops were there with us.
It just feels incomplete without the other dweeb. :/
Then again, I like making her feel jelly. XD

Well, Paradigm Mall is alright. Best juga the shops there. ^^

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