Monday, January 26, 2015


I've always loved playing the piano and writing (the latter: same reason why I've been having this blog for 7 years).
I guess it's just in me.
I can't help it.
I love running my fingers on the keys of a piano and the feels, oh the feels.
How I'd swoon to my own music in my mind.
And writing.
I'm the expressible kind, what can I do about it?
For the same reason that you love to sing or to draw, I love writing.
I might not be talented in whipping up something that's glazed with pretty words and all,
But I think people would eventually get what I'm trying to say.
I am one that tells you I love you, if I love you, when I love you.
And when I'm hurt, you'll know it.
Silence speaks volumes, right?
Never have liked breaking people's heart (or happiness for that matter) by telling them what they're doing is hurting bugging me.

Before I go astray any further, back to the crux of the blog post.
So I get a little more than a month to de-stress myself before going in to my final semester.
I've been having a change of lifestyle.
I start to play the piano/organ again, I write and I'm gonna bake again soon!
Dunno when that'll be but I will! God's will, I will.
Heck, I even helped mum cooked spaghetti last night.
And do you know what the worst part is?

I actually liked it.

Bummer. Always thought I'd hate cooking. I guess this is my kifarah.
And this kifarah is a blessing in disguise, I reckon. :)

I just wanna let it out in here;
People keep hurting me in ways they don't think they could've, but they could and they are (hurting me).
Buuuut, I'mma suck on it cause that's what I always do.
I have aaaaaaaaaaaalways admired Rasulullah SAW.
How he's so happy and positive all the time.
I wanna create and keep that kind of vibe around me.
I wanna affect people with my awesome aura.
Nothing bad comes from being positive, that I'm sure of.
So if you're having a bad day, or a really bad day, or a really sucky-bad kinda bad day,
A word to the wise,
You'd probably wanna tell someone about it.
Best if you could tell it straight to the person himself but if you couldn't,
Oh what the hell.
Writing it up on your blog does the trick as well.
Never bottle up your feelings, aye matey?
You of all people know that it does more damage than good.

Albeit all, it's a good good life.
(I say this with a broken heart so I'm getting a piece of 'life' too at the moment hihi).

Cheer up, friend. <(^_^<)

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