Monday, May 16, 2011

the tale of a movie-goer... Dini?

Meet Dini Azri not, the movie-goer :)

So this is a friend, who fancies rating and reviewing movies that are premiered here in my lovely ground (tanah tercinta :P), Malaysia. He is, of course, a Malaysian lah. (See how my "lah" kinda gave it away? hehe)

So anyway, I like his blog. And I view it almost every single day. I gotta say, most of his reviews are rather accurate. To me, at least. The reviews have their own positives and negatives, and ratings too! There's even a rating system. How cool is that for a newbie like him eh? Hehe. Sorry man. This is a bona fide comment but being new at something doesn't mean you're not or won't be good at it, no? :)

Okay, does it seem like I'm writing this entry of intent to kinda "sell" Dini's blog? If it does, then perfect good! Least I'm sprouting some deeds here bwehehe. Kidding. No seriously, I was kidding x). Yeah I know. Different people, different pov. But why not give his blog a visit whenever? It won't bite you, you know. And it certainly won't be a waste of time =)

I am proud to say that I've been a help to him with this whole review thingy at its early times. Just read this post man :D. And don't forget to Review This! too! Gotta go. Needtafillmetummeyh.