Sunday, July 3, 2011

inglourious basterds.

You got a smile carved on me face. Yes, you (:


Posted, "Inglourious Basterds was superb!" on Facebook a couple o' years ago and Miss See said, "Basterds also nice ah?" Haha. Dad thought the movie was nothing but a drag, apart from the shooting and killing scenes cause according to him, they talk way too much. I guess it's just boys and their toys, eh? At least they didn't converse in a dull manner =='' Cristoph Waltz (who played Hans Landa in IB) is such a good actor. The way he laughed and all, arghhh. Just look at this scene! (You might want to pump up the volume a little cause a faulty gap was found somewhere in the sound system). Or maybe it's just my lappy. Ulang 10 kali pun still tergelak2 tau. But after a while the laugh begins to subside lah kan. Still and all, you'll smile like a fool x). Anyway, his act says it all kot. The world needs more of him. Charming man, he is, aye? (;

P/s: Actually terbalik lah entry ni. The IB's supposed to be at the top, not the other way around. Heck, as if it matters.

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