Thursday, February 9, 2012

nostalgic, yes?

Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

A nostalgia for high school days! And present. (:

*Okay, bleeps. As much as I do not like to brood about feelings, I need to let my emotions run free this time. Bear with me!*

He stuck up for me albeit I repeatedly chased (and still is chasing) him off after all this time.
Now please, don't get my intentions by mistake.
I'm not proud of myself to say that I'm rejecting someone.
In fact, I'm ashamed. For what? For hurting people.
When you hurt people's feelings, you somehow hurt Allah's.
Have you considered that?
So tell me, how is saying no to a relationship an act that's to be bragged about?

Argh see what you made me do.
I'm writing beside the point here ._____.

Moving on from Line 1...
You did too. But not for long enough.
You knew me very well, mister. Better than some of my close friends do, I dare say.
Knew hm.
You see me the way everyone wanted you to.
You never see me the way I want you to, to see that I actually care enough about you when everyone else thought and said otherwise.
That I'm just using you. Using you?
Boy, please. I don't use people. I don't take them for toys nor dolls.
You draw a lotta flak from the public to me.
Sometimes I feel that you only bring me, forgive me for saying this but, misery.
Which only drew me anything but nearer to you and for that, it serves its purpose right: as a mirror for your egoism.

P/s: Emo Nissy, tch tch tch. Hey, did I ever tell you me mum's a matchmaker mum? Dengan distant cousin pula tu! >_<


Athirah Omar said...

your posts is getting more emo-er, Sina.

Anis Farhanah said...

Doesn't matter.