Sunday, April 8, 2012

the three stooges!


This weekend might be the best weekend yet.
I got to hang out with my Shah Alam peeps on Friday, which was a lot of fun!
Went to groupmates' condominium in Kristal Height for a swim.
There were 7 of us.
Bising gilaaaaa lah dekat swimming pool tu kan.
Padahal there were just us girls je.
Mandi-mandi tu, hujan pula.
Alhamdulillah it started pouring quite heavily only seconds after we retreated for home!
Amazing. (o.o)
So anyway, Ain cooked us murtabak maggi peehhhh!
Pedas gila haha. But it was delicious!
Lagi-lagi lepas swim kan.
I headed home (KD) right after cause it was already 6.30pm and I don't like driving during Maghrib time.

As for Saturday, I was supposed to have brekkie with Max but I got up pretty late.
Tengok-tengok phone, ada a few missed calls aaaa.
Sorry, buddy!
Max said it's alright and since I had to get my cousins presents and Max wanted to kill time, we made our way to OU.
I shopped for Barbie stuff for my lil cuzzie and myself, too!
Guess what I got myself?

It is a freakin' sip bottle, people! HOW COOL IS THAAAAT!? :D
Max chose this design, though. He said it's less childish and suits me better hihi.
Thank you, Max. :)
After we're done shopping for pressies and my supercool sip bottle, it's Max turn to get something for himself!
After doing some window shopping, we came across the Brands Outlet.
Nampak macam cantik-cantik baju dia.
Max likes plain, long-sleeve t-shirts so Brands Outlet was a good choice.
Dapat lah 3 plain shirts for him. :B
And then we parted ways.

So tadi ada birthday party Faris, Icha and Aisyah (the cousins).
Barbecue, pasta, nasi lemak, self-made Oreo ice cream cakes, fuh.
How can you resist those big chunks of meat?
I know I can't.
Balik-balik around 12.30am tu, rehat sekejaaaaap je, tiba-tiba Bubu call.
I'm like whaaaaat.
Bubu ajak pergi minum kejap and since Chu won't let me drive in the middle of the night, I had to ask Bubu to pick me up.
Apologies, mate!
But on the bright side, he experienced a deja vu while he was on his way to my house.
Deja vu betul-betul dekat dalam Section 9 residency pula tu.
Creepy much, Bu? :3
Soooooooooo, from 1.30am to 4am!
What did we talk about, eh?
From Chemistry to Shakespeare to Pokemon to PlayStation to marriage to (our) linked friends, aaahh.
Best gila lah haha.

Ahad esok, I mean today (it's 5.24am now) pulaaa, Teddy ajak tengok Titanic 3D dekat Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Excited gila okay nak tengok movie tu.
Lagi-lagi dengan Ted ahah. :D
So right now, my 'Happiness Level' has passed the ultimate marking line!
Hilang stress semua. :B
It's like this weekend has given me a boost of encouragement and a new spirit to live life to its fullest, and as it is.

Thank you for blessing me every night and day, ya Allah. :-)

P/s: I know the post is quite long but this is as short as it can be. Kudos if you read everything by word! ;-)

P/s/s: And did I mention Max, Bubu and Ted are good friends of each other? Talk about small world!

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