Sunday, October 21, 2012

Of fencing and cendol.

I cannot believe what I'd read.
The disappointment was too great but at least you made things easier for me after a couple of nights ago. I wasn't so sure about what I'd done, but I trust I've made the right decision now.
Do not judge my verdict.

So aaaanyway, yesterday was a lot of fun! :D
Boleh pula Jepa call pukul 1.30am cakap video shooting UiTM Majestics (lawan pedang aka fencing) is canceled. T_T

Presenting, UiTM Majestics' High Committee Members!

But then he invited me along to go for a sparring sesh at the Swashbucklers Fencing Club in Aman Suria.
Little did I know that Aman Suria is just 10mins away from Kota Damansara. :|
So pagi tu Jepster and Apek datang, parked Jeps' brand new RM8k bike inside and hopped into me car.
It's too bad that Apek and I didn't have our own gears, else we'd be fencing with some hotties dah. =>
And since Jepa is the President of UiTM Majestics, me the Vice President and Apek the Secretary, Jepa's coach tipped us off with some advice on how to manage the fencing club.
Thank you, coach!

Somewhere around 12.45pm, we hit the road and got ourselves claypot (and sizzling) chicken rice and cendol!
Well, Jepa la yang makan cendol tu.
Later, terus balik Shah Alam and I was already on my way out to fetch Ted at 3pm.

P/s: Thanks for breakfast and bringing me around Tropicana, Subang and Shah Alam, you two!

Long story short, saw Zue and Razis at FKK.
Kesian Razis bosan dengan Zue, bawa la dia sekali pergi Karnival Keusahawanan UiTM 1Malaysia tu.
Takda apa sangat pun dekat situ but maybe sebab dah lambat kan.
Wanted to enter ze ghost house with me sandwiched between Ted and Razis but I decided it wasn't worth it.
Baik beli makanan.
Theeeeeen, hujan lebat pulaaaa...
Razis and I wanted to have burrito so badly that we decided to look for one near Giant.
We were slapped with disappointment when our search was to no avail.
The 3 of us were so convinced on getting our hands on the burritos kot.. :(
Last2 Razis kata makan cendol je.
Can you imagine having cendol in the blistering cold weather?!
Like hujan lebat gila sampai basah belakang and tangan even though duduk bawah payung besar.
Jangan nak romantic sangat la haha.
But it was fun la. Banyak betul bercakap. :B
Topics? Bike, cars, siblings, Maxis, iPad, kelapa sawit, arranged marriage (haha), me parents etcetera.

After spending an hour at the cendol stall, we were all soaking wet!
I sent them both off and headed straight for KD.
Thank goodness the road was clear albeit the massive crowd ugh. All these people, they created a road jam as early as 1 o'clock. -_-

Phew! Haven't blogged liddis in awhile d.
Gotta hit the hay now. B's waiting. =)
Till then, bleeps!


luna latfi said...

Heyy. I'm really interested in fencing but uitm majestic is no longer operate? Why is that?

luna latfi said...

Heyy. I'm really interested in fencing but uitm majestic is no longer operate? Why is that?