Friday, July 8, 2011

all pumped up for some serious business now! :D

Heya bleeps! And so we meet again >:D. Okay THAT is one evil smiley :3. So I'm writing this post to, yes, update and promote A-Fookies ! to everybody all over the world muahahaha XD you awh-shum peeps who keep sparing me 5 minutes of your life on reading mah blog :B. Thankies, you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you aaaaaand you over there :)

So I kinda wrote this entry on A-Fookies ! official blog yesterday but I was too busy (and tired, too) updating this small business on A-Fookies' Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, MY Facebook, MY Twitter, MY Blogspot lol :P. If you've read the latest entry I posted on A-Fookies ! blog, it's like a... Hmm, how do I say it, eh? A dealership? Macam tu la lebih kurang. Some sort of a patronage between Kak Dahlia (AJWA's big boss) and us I guess. But this is fun though! Well, apart from giving me what I needed the most (that is keeping me busy 25/8 heheh). Amir and I keep getting incessant support and encouragement from family members and friends (even strangers, too! :D) that we couldn't help but to feel deeply in debt to them! Of course, there are times when we have to smash overcome 'em obstacles but hey, how could we ever quit when you guys keep reinforcing us with all these supports? (;

My days now are busy as hell. Orang kata, rezeki ada dimana-mana. They were right. Engkau usaha lah walau susah macam mana pun masa mula2 tu. Do not think that you can catch a hold of success in a short period cause if you really could do so, the success wouldn't last. I am saying this by experience and on behalf of somebody's article that I read somewhere on the net once. Lepas masuk degree September ni, mhm.. I don't know what'll happen to A-Fookies !. I'll probably leave it to Amir and get somebody to help him around. Thank goodness he's on his long break till next year! If I happen to get into UiTM Shah Alam to further my studies (which I hope I will), I think I can still pull it off with A-Fookies ! there. Who knows I could expand this small business there? x)

Imma go and watch mah korean drama now. The name's Accidental Couple. Ever seen it?

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